should you rehome your dog?

This is one of the hardest questions pet owners face. Should I give up my dog, cat or pet?

Often followed by tears, anxiety, stress and overwhelming guilt, what should you do when all signs point to rehoming your dog?

Our friend, Brandy, at East Valley K9 Services, shares her deeply personal story when she was faced with this exact question.

Click here to read her story in her own words!


  • I difficult decision? Well, it shouldn’t be. If the thought even comes into your mind there is a reason. No matter how hard it is, you already know it is the best thing you can give your pet. A chance to live out the rest of their life in a home that can and will provide him with the very best care possible!
    I have had many pets throughout my life so far. All of them from either the humane society or given to me by clients that could no longer care for them. (I am a dog groomer and own my own salon)
    Only once have I had that heartbreaking decision to make. I had been given a 9-month-old St.Poodle puppy from a client that’s husband had a severe stroke and the wife could not care for both of them.
    After owning this dog for 3 years I found myself having to rehome her. My friend was a dog walker that walks another St.Poodle for a woman. They got along so well and I knew she had found the best home!
    I am so happy Norman found a wonderful home too!

  • Such a hard decision; thanks for sharing Brandy’s perspective. Norman is the product of that hard decision and I’m grateful every day to his former family for thinking of his best interest.

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