A Service Dog: Should a Corso be Trained to be One?

The Cane Corso is a proud member of the working dog breed.

But, should the Corso be trained as a Service Dog?

Should a Cane Corso, like Harley pictured here, be trained as an Assistance Dog?

While not typically a common K9 breed to be trained or used as a Service Dog, the Cane Corso’s natural traits, personality, intelligence and loyalty make it a great choice for the right handler!

Bubba, a grey Cane Corso, Sitting Outside

The Pros

  • The Corso has the perfect characteristics and intelligent to excel.
  • For some disabled people, the Corso can offer more.

But, the Cane Corso may not be the right breed for everyone challenged with a disability. There are four things to consider first when it comes to the Corso breed and the handler!

Cane Corso Service Dog: Things to Consider First

  • Handler/Owner Traits.
  • A Thick Skin.
  • High Energy.
  • Being Realistic.

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