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The bottom line is this … I ADORE dogs!

Where It All Started

It was this undeniable, deep passion that led me to create and operate the first mobile doggie daycare service in Denver at the end of 2001. Along with my two rescued dogs, Taz the yellow lab (on the left) with ridiculously long legs and Jet-Jet, my black lab cuddle-buddy, we were a common sight at the local off-leash dog parks as we hiked, swam and played as only dogs can. 

It wasn’t long before I earned the nickname of “Piped Piper” because of the loyal members of the “pack de jour” who never left my side.  It was a great life … happy clients with tired, content dogs who couldn’t wait to jump into my SUV for their next adventure!

Whenever I was stuck at a traffic light, it always made me laugh to see the look on the other driver’s faces as they tried to figure out why the heck my vehicle was rocking back and forth. I’d smile and roll down the back windows and then they’d start laughing as they watched dogs being dogs playing their hearts out in the back of my vehicle.

Yes, I cannot deny it, I love dogs!

Taz and his friend Jet-Jet have since gone over the Rainbow Bridge. My heart Happy New Year from Moose and Bella!and home now belong to Moose (the merle Great Dane) and his impish gal pal, Bella (the black Great Dane/Lab).

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blog (and the Cold Noses content service business) were born out of – and are a testimonial to – my passion for dogs. I love helping other dog guardians know – and do – better for their beloved K9 companions!

I hope you enjoy the content here … leave us a comment and let us know!

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