Pet Food Pantry Resources


Day-to-day life is still challenging for many people especially those families with dogs and other pets.

We believe that the very best place for a dog is in their home with their family;

NOT relinquished to a shelter because times are tough.

Sixty-seven percent of all U.S. homes own at least one companion animal.

According to the APPA’s (American Pet Products Association) 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of families have at least one pet! Imagine the horrendous impact on the already overflowing shelter system if these families had to give up their pets because they could no longer feed or care for them.

Together we can help pet parents in need.

We will be adding Pet Food Pantries (throughout the United States and Canada) to this page where owners in need can go to for help in feeding their dogs. Please share it with those you know who may need some extra help too.

If you know of a Pet Food Pantry, please let us know by sending an email to

Pet Food Pantries: By State in the USA

Always check the Pantry’s website first or call for more information, their application requirements, the need for appointments, etc.

Cannot find a Pet Food Pantry in your area? Try contacting your local Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, animal rescues and churches for help.

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