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OUCH! How to stop your puppy from biting!


They are cute, adorable and cuddly WITH tiny little razors for teeth! If you are dealing with a new puppy who is biting, this blog is for you!

While a biting puppy is hardly the perfect picture you had in mind before you adopted your cute little bundle of fur, it’s first important to understand the following about your puppy.

  • Biting is a normal part of puppyhood, learning and maturing;
  • It’s not personal; and
  • You can teach your puppy how to control his biting!

Our friends at Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles have a LOT of experience with puppies as breeders and in their latest blog post, they share valuable tips and tricks to get you through your puppy’s teething period without becoming a human pin cushion!

Click here to learn more about how to teach your puppy to stop biting!

Even as May Ends, Dog Bite Prevention Never Does


As May comes to a close with the Memorial Day holiday, Dog Bite Prevention Month is also coming to an end; although preventing and avoiding potential dog bites never expires.

Preventing dog bites is a year-round, full-time commitment and mission.

To further help educate people about understanding canine body language and why dogs bite (critical in avoiding and preventing unnecessary dog bites), we offer this great graphic illustrating the process (or ladder) of how canines react to a perceived threat or stress.

Remember, the more we know, the better we can all do.

Please share this post with other dog-lovers, parents and their children and even non-dog-lovers to help more people better understand and interact with our canine companions.  WhyDogsBiteInfographic

More Tips on Dog Bite Prevention from the ASPCA

While Dog Bite Prevention Week is officially over, the potential for dog bites never ends; especially if people – and children in particular – don’t understand canine body language.

To help continue educating both dog owners and non-dog owners alike, below is a great graphic from the ASPCA with more tips and information on properly interacting with a dog.

Please share this so together we can help prevent dog bites!









Yes! You CAN Avoid a Dog Bite!


With National Dog Bite Prevention Week upon us, it’s important to know HOW to avoid … even prevent … a dog bite.

According to the CDC, more than 4.7 million  people each year are bitten by dogs in the U.S. alone!

But, contrary to popular belief, dog bites rarely “come out of nowhere.”

The GOOD news (yes, there is some), most dog bites are avoidable when you understand WHEN dogs typically bite.

Keeping these scenarios in mind – and teaching children to respect a dog’s space especially during these times – will go a long way in preventing unnecessary dog bites and the potential for the dog to pay the ultimate price with its life.

From the May issue of the Cold Noses Newsletter: The Done-For-You, Monthly Promotional Printed Newsletter Service Exclusively for Dog Businesses.