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Winterize your Dog!

10378For many of us, this winter has proven to be one of the most challenging with arctic temperatures, more snow than one can shovel and large outbreaks of the flu. While you know how to protect yourself against the ravages of this bone-chilling weather, do you know how to protect your dog? Below are three simple steps.

Ears, tails and paws are easily prone to frostbite. Limit the time your dog spends outside in freezing conditions and keep them toasty warm when inside. Always watch for signs of possible frostbite injury; it can take several days to become apparent.

Paws are very sensitive to the cold snow, ice, salt and other chemicals used to clear sidewalks and driveways. Thoroughly wash and dry your dog’s paws (even between the toes). Trim the hair between the toes to avoid the collection of ice and snow. Limerock salt or calcium chloride salt can cause both vomiting and diarrhea if your dog licks it. Consider using neoprene dog booties if your dog’s paws are particularly sensitive.

Frozen lakes pose a real danger to your dog if they fall through the ice into the freezing water. Always keep your dog leashed around any frozen bodies of water this winter to protect them.