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Reiki/Energy Healing for Animals

Courtesy: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

How often do you brag about your animals’ ability to communicate with you? You are right! Animals know what you are talking about. They know when you are sad and give you comfort and watch you from a distance if you are upset.

Animals just know.

Animals and Energy

energy healing can help animals
Courtesy: Gerhard Erb / Pixabay

Animals are highly in tune with energies, especially yours. But as much as they are in tune and responsive to positive energies, they are just as susceptible and vulnerable to negative energies as people.

If the energy is happy and positive, this is a wonderful thing! Together, you amplify the bright energy.

But if you are upset, nervous, depressed, or insecure, your pet also absorbs those negative emotions. This is not a state for healing; nor even for receiving healing.

By receiving a healing session together with your animals, you can amplify the healing energy together as a pack!

What is Reiki/Energy Healing?

Reiki/energy healing helps animals and humans
Courtesy: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, reiki comes from two Japanese words:

Rei meaning “Universal Life;” and

Ki meaning “energy.”

In other words, Reiki is the life energy flowing through all living things.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that involves the powerful transmission of life force energy through the practitioner’s hands. It can be used with the whole body or just an affected area for both humans and animals. It is a subtle, yet effective form of energy work with no negative side effects!

When a living being’s energy (Ki) is strong and freely flowing, both the body and mind are in a positive state of health. Reiki/energy healing can address and ease tension and stress to create an environment to facilitate healing:

  • Physically.
  • Mentally.
  • Emotionally; and
  • Spiritually.

Reiki/Energy Healing: The Benefits

Courtesy: Uschi Dugulin / Pixabay

Reiki/energy healing offers natural healing benefits for both people and pets:

  • A natural way to invite and receive healing.
  • A safe, loving, powerful, alternative, and supportive way to relax, recover and heal.
  • Energy healing helps put you into a state of relaxation to enhance the ability to effortlessly and gracefully receive powerful and profound healing.
  • An intuitive reconnection and reactivation of the internal healing power you were born with.
  • The deepening of the bond between you and your animals through love, support, and healing.
  • Enhance happiness and wellness!

The specific benefits for animals from reiki/energy healing may include:

  • Alleviating stress, anxiety, nervousness.
  • Naturally producing a state of calmness.
  • Supplementing medical treatments.
  • Helping to heal after injury, trauma or surgery.
  • Supporting pets through depression or grief.
energy healing for animals is all natural
Courtesy: Tranmautritam / Pexels

When you are relaxed,
your body will find a way to healing.

Give your animals and yourself
this beautiful, natural healing
experience today!

Meet our Guest Blogger: aki Energy Healer

After being suicidal for over 40 years, aki found her purpose in life, healing.

She integrates science (hypnosis) and spirituality (energy healing, and Akashic Records) and finds the best suitable healing modality for each client.

Her niche is Healing the Inner Child.

Reach out to her and she will guide you to a powerful, profound, and transformational healing journey.

Phone: 424-387-9011

Website: EnergyHealerAki.com

Email: aki@EnergyHealerAki.com

Guest Blog: Is Reiki Energy Healing Right for Your Dog?

Dogs are mindful, spiritual beings who generously give of themselves to the lives of their humans. If you appreciate the beauty of nature and animals or share your life with companion animals, you already appreciate this priceless, unconditional love. Many dog lovers believe the relationship with their canines is based on a pure, spiritual connection creating deep, long-lasting bonds. Reiki can help promote those closer bonds.

Unfortunately, just like their humans, dogs can also suffer from physical and emotional issues. This is especially true if an animal has suffered a difficult or traumatic experience; came from not-so-ideal circumstances or is struggling with grief, abuse or fear of humans.K9 stress may also occur due to:

  • A restricted or unnatural lifestyle like overbreeding;
  • Boredom and a lack of regular exercise or mental stimulation; and
  • An improper diet.

Any of these situations can produce an unhappy, unhealthy and stressed dog. Reiki can help promote healing and the ultimate return to health.

What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese terms “higher power” and “life force energy.” Reiki is a non-invasive, respect-based and meditative energy healing practice. It was traditionally used in human circles for spiritual healing, stress relief and self-improvement. For generations, people have benefited from the peace, relaxation and healing shifts that come from a Reiki session.

But energy healing is not just for people. Reiki can also be a simple, yet powerful form of energy healing for enhancing calm and well-being in your canine companion while creating and fostering a closer bond with them.

Originally designed for use in shelters and sanctuaries to calm its stressed and anxious residents, Reiki has evolved into an effective tool to calm an upset dog as well as assist an ill or injured one. Regular sessions of Reiki may also help keep long-term, chronic diseases, disorders or pain in check and even help lessen the severity of the symptoms.

Hands-On or Hands-Off Reiki?

Reiki energy healing can be done in one of two ways: hands-on or hands-off (over distance). The hands-on approach is generally more effective if the dog enjoys being touched. In cases where the dog does not tolerate physical touching (for reasons ranging from medical to psychological), distance – or hands-off – Reiki may be a better option.

Most dogs enjoy the calming, soothing and healing energies employed by a skilled Reiki practitioner. Some dogs cannot get close enough during a session and may actually lean into the practitioner or even end up fast asleep in their lap.

For dogs in high-stress situations (such as shelters or when being transported for adoption or veterinary purposes), distance reiki usually works better. It can also used for K9s who do not live near their Reiki practitioner or who are in hospice.

Reiki works well with most animals because they are naturally open and receptive to energy. They naturally understand and respond to the flow of energy and tend to heal more quickly than people since they are not prone to mental blocks or defense mechanisms that can block the flow of healing energy.

What to Expect

Sessions can run from 20-60 minutes, depending on the dog and their willingness to staying still for an extended period of time. The greatest benefits from Reiki are achieved with regular sessions (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) determined by each individual dog and the level of healing they require.

Many pet parents report positive effects in their dog’s general health and disposition with the use of Reiki. Feedback from others have offered hope in the reduction of chronic pain and even the possible reversal or remission of severe medical issues.

However, please remember that Reiki is not a replacement for routine veterinary care, or a reason to disregard needed medications or medical procedures.

Reiki offers a non-invasive energy healing suitable for any dog and condition. It will not interfere or contraindicate with any regular veterinary care and serves as a useful tool in helping your dog with physical or psychological issues. Please keep in mind that even in healing sessions for ailing animals, it may only ease an inevitable passing. Reiki is powerful, however, it is not a perfect cure-all. Ultimately, it is always the animal guardian’s decision regarding what level of care to seek including which modalities.

When approached with an open mind and heart, Reiki energy healing for your dog may offer a healthier, calmer and happier life.

Meet our Guest Blogger:

Raven Hannah is a self-described animal whisperer, lifelong pet parent, and owner of HolisticPetsAndPeeps.com. She is certified as a holistic consultant, aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner (for animals and people), and pet nutritionist. She encourages others to celebrate animals as part of the family, as well as keep them happy, healthy, and spoiled! When Raven isn’t busy being a slave to her very demanding senior cats or helping her favorite rescues with fundraising projects, she is most likely working on growing her businesses and raising awareness in an effort to make this world a better place for all creatures.