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Happy National Pet Day!


Welcome to 2016 National Pet Day!

Did you know that National Pet Day was created in 2006 by Colleen Paige, a pet and family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate?  As we honor the joy our pets contribute to our daily lives, make sure your pet is safe and secure as a way to celebrate your precious family member(s).

puppy-288965_640Each year, thousands of dogs (and other pets) are lost or stolen. Are you prepared if your dog wanders away from his home? Or is stolen out of your own backyard? Or becomes separated from you in the event of an emergency or disaster?

Does your dog carry permanent ID that could help return him to the safety of your home and keep him out of shelters as an unclaimed stray that could face euthanasia?

As we recognize National Pet Day today, take the time to make sure you’ve registered your pet and if you have, ensure your contact information is up-to-date (especially your phone number and address) so you can be reached quickly.

Today, there are many different types of pet ID available, including:

  • ID and license collar tags;
  • Implanted microchips (usually between the shoulders);
  • Permanent tattoos (on the inner ear flap, stomach or inner leg);
  • QR Code ID tags readable by personal cell phones; and
  • Facial recognition technology (offered by companies like and

Whatever option you choose to use (and we recommend a combination of several options in case physical tags get lost), make sure it’s done (and current) today and keep your pet safe and in your life for a long time after National Pet Day has come and gone.

(Article from the April issue of the Cold Noses Newsletter)

Love Dogs AND Apps? You’ll Love these Dog Apps!

PhoneAppsForDogsStaying connected to your dog has never been easier with the latest Apps for dogs and their owners!

Who hasn’t wondered what their beloved K9 is doing all day while they are at work? Now iCam can solve that mystery .. yes, there’s an App for that!  iCam works with your home computer’s webcam and sends a live feed to your iOS or Android phone for real-time spying!

PetMD is a fantastic website with tons of resources and now they’ve have an App for finding pet-related services in your own neighborhood. Find dog walkers or dog parks; veterinarians or dog groomers. This iOS App puts it all at your fingertips!

It can be hard enough to remember your own doctor appointments or medication schedules. So how can you remember the same for Fido? Pet Phone App to the rescue! It syncs with your iOS phone’s calendar to give you reminders so you never forget again!

An emergency is never easy and even less so when it concerns your beloved dog. Install the Pet First Aid App on your phone (iOS or Android) and have instant access to articles, how-to videos and illustrations to help you successfully maneuver any first-aid emergency.

RunningDogAs most of us already know, dogs are notorious escape artists and wanderers and there’s nothing worse than discovering your pet is lost! Tagg is a tracking App that can make finding your pet much easier and faster. Attach the GPS-based device to your dog’s collar and the App will help you track down your dog without driving around for hours yelling their name, losing your voice and giving your neighbors something to complain (or gossip) about!

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