Do You Work in the Dog Industry as a . . . 

·  Veterinarian ·  Groomer ·  Behaviorist
·  Obedience Trainer ·  Kennel Owner ·  Sitter or Walker
·  Massage Therapist ·  Daycare Owner ·  Retail Business Owner

Then we want to write for you!

Do you really have the time to create interesting and timely canine topics, find trustworthy research and sources and then the perfect images?

We can help you with your  dog content needs including:

  • Customized, original content in the form of newsletters, blogs, social media posts, direct mail pieces and more.
  • A “done-for-you” K9 marketing newsletter for just $97 a month that’s ready-to-print-and-share or use as your eNewsletter! Branded with your business logo, contact and social media information and unique coupon to drive more sales.

(Click to View a Sample of our “Ready-to-Use” Newsletter)

Don’t own a dog business?  Click here to learn more about our individual subscriptions now available for dog lovers.

5 Benefits of using Our Content:

  • Make your clients feel even more “catered business-1049272_640.jpgto” with valuable information they need – and want – to make the best informed decisions for their furry K9 kids. This nurtures the “know, like and trust factor” necessary for creating loyal, long-term and profitable customers who will love to refer your products and services; what we call “Marketing with Purpose.
  • Establish your business as an expert in your niche.
  • Create and build the need for more of your products and/or services (or an upcoming promotion/special event) without blatant, in-your-face sales pitches.
  • Free up your valuable time by letting us do the writing and research for your content needs.
  • Use our content in your eNewsletters and social media posts; or as a unique printed piece of marketing collateral.


Click here to learn more about using our content services for your K9 business by filling out a quick form to get started!

9 Benefits of using our “Ready-to-Print-&-Share” Newsletter:

  • Offer valuable content your clients want and will appreciate.
  • Give your current clients a few extra copies and ask them to share with friends, family and even their neighbors to grow your community and word-of-mouth.
  • Know your client sees it by placing it into their hand.
  • Build your email list by getting an email address in exchange for the newsletter at your checkout/Point of Sale.
  • With information readers will want to save, this printed newsletter offers a longer “shelf-life” and will keep your business front and center in your customer’s mind.
  • Use it as a direct mail piece.
  • Cross-promote with other local dog system-927147_1280.jpgbusinesses and offer the printed newsletter as a free takeaway. Your potential, ideal clients are already at the veterinarian’s office, groomers, doggie daycare, pooper-scoopers, pet stores, dog sitters and dog walking businesses; and they are ready – and eager – to buy what you offer!
  • Partner up with another local dog business on the newsletter (we’ll co-brand the issue for you both) and get immediate access to each other’s clients.
  • Use as a handout at local events, trade shows and pet fairs instead of an expensive brochure that doesn’t offer relevant, valuable information dog-owners can immediately use or the motivation of a special coupon/offer.


Click here to learn more about using our content services for your K9 business by filling out a quick form to get started!

Traditional Print is STILL Important in Our Digital Age

Check out what these industry experts have to say about why print still deserves to be part of your overall strategy even in this digital age.

People LOVE the Cold Noses News!

AmyIsabelle“Every time I read content from Cold Noses News, I learn something that I didn’t know and more importantly, something that I should know, from First Aid Tips to One minute Dog Tips (brilliant!).  There are also quick, healthy recipes … yay!  In a burgeoning sea of information, the Cold Noses News content percolates at the top with its vital and timely canine advice and tips. I think it would be an indispensable resource for any busy dog business looking for a way to reach more customers and to help educate existing customers.”

Amy Luwis, Author, “For Dog’s Sake!” and Co-founder,

 (Click here to View a Sample of this “Ready-to-Use” Newsletter)

Why OUR content? Because, like you, we LOVE dogs.

We live, breathe and LOVE writing about dogs! We are also committed to helping you grow your business while also helping your customers know – and do – better for their beloved canine companions.

When you make your current – and potential – clients feel “catered to” and “looked after” (especially when it comes to their beloved dogs) you quickly build trust and brand loyalty!

Our ready-to-print-and-share monthly newsletter (completely done-for-you and customized to feature your business, branding, contact information and a unique monthly coupon/offer to motivate more sales) will make YOUR dog business stand out from the competition … and isn’t that what great marketing is supposed to do?

(Click here to View a Sample of this “Ready-to-Use” Newsletter)

Marketing has never been easier for the Dog Business Owner

Do you own a brick-and-mortar retail store?

Are you sending your customers home with MORE than just a receipt and a one-time purchase? If you’re not, you are missing out on a GOLDEN opportunity to bring your customers (and maybe a friend) back to your store sooner! Why?

People buy from people they like (and trust); and friends look out for one another, share important information and great deals!

EDUCATE, INFORM and ENTERTAIN with our monthly newsletter.

(Click here to View a Sample of this “Ready-to-Use” Newsletter)

Is your brick-and-mortar retail store in a popular tourist location? Get their email address before they leave – or at least send them home with a physical reminder (our newsletter) to visit you online. “Out of sight” can mean “out of mind” (especially after vacation) so take advantage of the opportunity to remind them to connect with you online.


Click here to learn more about using our content services for your K9 business by filling out a quick form to get started!

When you use our monthly newsletter service, here’s what you can expect: 

  • We will create a double-sided, single page newsletter in full, eye-catching color for YOUR business in a high-resolution PDF file that’s ready-to-print-and-share.
    • We identify the topics; do all the research; create, edit and proof the content; and tie it all together with great visuals; including:
      • A relevant cover story;
      • A cartoon;
      • An info-graphic;
      • First Aid tips;
      • Introduction to a cool new product for dog-lovers; and
      • A healthy K9 treat recipe.
    • Each issue will feature a customized header with YOUR business logo and brand name; and your contact information and social media presences in both footers; and
    • Offer a monthly, unique coupon/special/offer just for your clients

(Click here to View a Sample of this “Ready-to-Use” Newsletter)

And of course, we can always create exclusive content just for your canine business in the form of newsletters, blogs, social media posts, direct mail pieces and much more.

Marketing Made Easy for the Dog Business Owner!

Learn more about using our content services for your K9 business by filling out the quick form below to get started.

Or email us directly at

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