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Guest Blog: Ideas for Local Animal Shelters During the Holidays

Help Animal Shelters During Christmas

It’s December and the Season for Giving!

It’s also a wonderful time to think about our local animal shelters. 


For most of us, the holidays come with colder weather. As I write this, here in Wisconsin, it’s only 6 degrees! Sadly, this time of year also sees an increased number of dogs and cats in need of shelter. Since shelters usually operate from donations, whatever you can give goes a long way in helping homeless pets.


Ideas for Giving to Your Local Shelter

Give Love and Attention to Shelter Pets

Your Time – All dogs and cats need attention, cuddle time and exercise. Especially during the holidays, shelters and rescues are always looking for extra volunteers to help keep the animals feeling loved and well-cared for.

Food – Both canines and felines eat at least twice a day. That is a lot of food for a shelter! Depending on age and diet needs, they typically will accept a variety of quality foods both dry and wet along with treats. Other foods a shelter can typically use include peanut butter (please make sure it’s xylitol-free), fresh veggies and fruits, canned baby food and tuna. Call your local shelter first to see what they are currently accepting.

Spare Blankets, Pillows and Towels – Shelters can always use these items for their crates and bedding. They also need rags, newspapers and kitty litter.

Toys – Shelters can always use toys to help the dogs (and cats) stay happy, mentally stimulated and active. Kong toys, balls or puzzles are great, so are gently used stuffed animals! Do you have toys that your dog or cat refuses to play with? Donate them!Donate Crates and Carriers to Local Shelters

Crates and Carriers – Both dogs and cats love a secure den. Are you no longer using your dog crate or cat carrier? Donate it!  You can help a shelter animal feel safer, especially in a busy shelter where things may seem scary and overwhelming.

Other items you could give include:

  • Food and water bowls;
  • Grooming supplies; and
  • Office items.

Obviously, you can always donate money to a shelter; but there are other ways to help if you don’t have the extra money (especially at this time of year)! Extra items or those going unused at home could be very useful at a shelter. Again, call a shelter first to see what items they need and will accept.

I am in high hopes that this blog helps our animal shelters receive extra donations during this Season of Giving. Also, keep your local shelters in mind, not just over the holidays, but throughout the coming year!

A big thank you to all our animal shelters and may all the pets find forever homes!


Dog Bless~ 




Not sure where to find YOUR local shelters?

Just pull out your smartphone and google “animal shelters near me!” 



My Secret Dog BlogMeet our Guest Blogger

Holli Burch is a blogger at The Dog Connection focusing on Connecting Humans and Dogs; Mind, Body and Soul. She likes to focus everyday on giving back and uplifting dog lovers. You can follow Holli on Facebook.


Please Help Us Help Others.

The holidays are a wonderful time for most of us. Families come together and create new, happy memories, eat lots of wonderful food and eagerly open presents.

But for many people, the winter season can be a difficult time trying to stay warm and still have enough food to eat for not only themselves and their children, but also for their furry family members.

Please support your local pantries to help those in need. The simpliest things can mean the most to those who need help. And let us know about the pet pantries in your area so we can add them to our website to help even more people this holiday season.

Email us directly at, click on the images to email us or leave a message below.

Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone!

More Tips on Dog Bite Prevention from the ASPCA

While Dog Bite Prevention Week is officially over, the potential for dog bites never ends; especially if people – and children in particular – don’t understand canine body language.

To help continue educating both dog owners and non-dog owners alike, below is a great graphic from the ASPCA with more tips and information on properly interacting with a dog.

Please share this so together we can help prevent dog bites!









There’s Boy and Girl Scouts … but also DOG Scouts?

DSA-LogoI usually consider myself a pretty well-read, well-informed human being under most circumstances. But I have to confess, I had NEVER heard of The Dog Scouts; and seeing how they have been in existence since 1995 … well, I just might have to reconsider that “well-informed human” label.

But I digress.

The Dog Scouts of America, or DSA, is dedicated to enriching the lives of dog guardians and their dogs. Their mission is simple and focused on enhancing the human/dog bond: “To improve the lives of dogs, their owners and society through humane education, positive training and community involvement.

While there are no cookie sale campaigns (yet), there are plenty of fun events and even badges to be earned! Yes, you heard me correctly. There are merit badges that, once earned, can be displayed on the dog’s backpack, Dog Scout uniform, crate cover or travel bag.  Badge categories range from Obedience to Agility, Trails & Outdoors to Nose Work and Pulling to Water Safety.

DogScoutsAnd there’s even Summer Camp (remember yours?)! Currently held in Maryland, Texas and Michigan, activities include backpacking, hiking, biking, kayaking, water sports, agility, canine massage and more … all with your dog.

Any dog can become a Dog Scout as long as the dog is well-mannered and does not pose a threat to other dogs or humans. (For all you Cujo-like K9s out there, there is a test; so don’t even try to sneak in!)

If you live in the Tyler, Texas area and would like to see some Dog Scouts in action, drop by Southside Park on March 19th at 3pm and watch the 1st Annual Doggy Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Dog Scout Troop #230.

It should be a PAWsitively woof-tastic time!

To learn more about The Dog Scouts of America, visit their website at or their Facebook page at Questions? Email the Founder, Lonnie at

All images from the website.