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Traveling With Your Pet During the Holidays? Avoid 6 Common Mistakes!

Large puppy ready to travel in car.

Traveling with Pets? Avoid these 6 Common Mistakes from Avery’s Pet Styling Salon!

If you’re traveling with your pet(s) this holiday season, make sure you avoid these 6 common mistakes outlined by our friends at Avery’s Pet Styling Salon in Philadelphia!

With some careful planning and research about the location you are traveling to, a ready-to-use Pet Travel Checklist and your pet’s “must-haves,” you can ensure safe and comfortable travels for both you and your pets! Happy Holidays! 

Courtesy: Avery’s Pet Styling Salon

Delta: Your Pet is No Longer “Cargo!”

For those of us who consider our pets part of our family, this latest announcement from Delta warms our hearts!

In November, the company announced that “allowable” pets will no longer have to travel as cargo or checked baggage in all cabins of service except Delta One.

This new rule goes into effect on March 1, 2016.

Click here to read the full announcement on the Delta News Hub: Delta to Stop Accepting Pets as Checked Baggage.

Considering that in just the last 10 years (according to MarketWatch), 74 pets have died and another 14 have gone missing under Delta’s care, this new ruling comes as good news to concerned pet owners who want, or need, to travel with their beloved pets.


Unfortunately, the “allowable” pets do not include large dogs (due to their size). Delta recommends using their Delta Cargo service to transport those pets not allowed in their cabins.  According to Delta: “Pets that are transported via Delta Cargo are monitored closely by customer service teams during their travel. While at airports, pets are handled in temperature-controlled holding areas and vans. Also, Delta Cargo enlists professional kenneling services if overnight stays are required.”

Guidance for customers traveling with pets can be found at

Click here to read more about Delta Airlines Pet Policy also.