Bobbie from Cold Noses News goes above and beyond anything you could ask for.  I became associated with her when I was looking for help to increase traffic to my website.  She instructed me on basic SEO, and the basics of blogging.  Each month she provided my website with not one, but two well written blogs.  Her work is always professional looking and well laid out.  She not only wrote the blogs, but she also posted and formatted them for SEO.  Since using Bobbie, I have had increased traffic and users on my website.  Every dime has been money well spent.  You can’t go wrong with Bobbie. She is the ultimate professional and very concerned about the well being of her clients both personally and professionally.  Thank you Bobbie and Cold Noses News!

Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles, Marshall, Arkansas

Dog O Nines, Handmade Dog Collars

For a one-off investment, you offer so many suggestions. It’s always great to have a fresh set of eyes on your website, to spot the things you just don’t see. You look and see such glaringly obvious things that, with a quick tweak, will make such a difference.

I recently reached out on Linked in, for help with my business. Being a small business, there is little budget for marketing. Bobbie came straight back to me and offered to look over my website, she then made concise suggestions as to how I could improve my marketing strategies, with just little effort and time. Bobbies’ suggestions were on target and extremely helpful. These suggestions ranged from simple changes to my website’s layout to newsletter content suggestions and web links to potential connections. Whilst there was a lot of information to take in, I now feel very confident to go forward, with an armory of strategies, to improve my internet presence and build my business.


Thank you so much Bobbie

Lisa Rees, Owner, Dog O Nines, Doncaster, UK


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