Keeping Fido Safe: 6 Options We Love


No one ever wants to lose their dog. It’s a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking situation NO dog- owner wants to ever experience.

But the truth is, dogs get lost, or stolen, or pull a “Houdini” from their escape-proof backyard.

On National Pet Day, we wrote about protecting your dog and always keeping your contact information up-to-date to ensure the safe – and quick – return of your dog in the event they become separated from you, your home or even a temporary caretaker.

We also recommended using a combination of pet ID options (since physical ID tags can be lost or become too worn to read):

  • Implanted microchips (usually between the shoulders);
  • Permanent tattoos (on the inner ear flap, stomach or inner leg);
  • QR Code ID tags readable by personal cell phones; and
  • Facial recognition technology (offered by companies like and

But the reality remains that people who find a lost dog will always look for a physical tag first. So we did some research and found some unique and even fun options we absolutely love!

(Note: We have not been compensated or solicited by any of these Etsy artists to promote their products. All recommendations are our own.)

Six Options to Keeping Fido Safe

We love this physical reminder to check for a microchip! All four sides can be personalized. Find this ID tag at




This “slide-on” collar ID tag is probably one of the most secure ways to use an ID tag. (Note: This tag does not work with collars that have plastic buckles.) Find this ID tag at



Here’s another great example of a secure ID option. Laser-engraved on the actual collar buckle, there’s no free-hanging tag to get lost. Find this ID tag at




No your dog can’t really drive, even with this tag, in California or anywhere else! But this durable pet tag is a cool twist on the human driver’s license! Find this ID tag at




This is one of the safest options we found for collar tags … adjustable leather collars with embossed leather ID tags riveted to the collar. Find this ID tag at



Ok, there’s nothing high-tech or lost-proof about this dog tag; we just LOVED (and identified with) the message! Find this funny ID tag at



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