The Sugar-Free K9 Nightmare: Xylitol

cute-932448_1280Most dog owners know that chocolate, onions, raisins and alcohol (to name a few) are bad, even dangerous, for our beloved canines. But, there’s a new sneaky danger to your dog and you might not even know where this “sugar-free” additive is lurking. Actually, you might be shocked that it’s probably within reach right this moment without your knowledge!

This potentially life-threatening additive is called xylitol and it’s a sugar alcohol that’s found in hundreds of products; many of which are not typically considered “sugar-free” or even fed to dogs.

If you missed our posts this week on Twitter and Facebook, here are just a few of the products with xylitol:

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum









To protect your furry K9 kid, read ALL labels and keep anything containing xylitol out of reach of inquisitive noses and mouths!

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