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Beware the Dangers of Fall for Your Dog.

Ahh, fall is in the air! Beautiful foliage and temperatures that have dropped.

But don’t let down your guard when it comes to protecting your dog from potential autumn dangers, including:

  • Antifreeze
  • Mushrooms
  • Snakes
  • Rodents
  • Compost Piles/Bins

Keep reading to learn how to protect your pup from autumn dangers.

Antifreeze is a Sweet Menace

Antifreeze (an ethylene glycol-based engine coolant) unfortunately offers a sweet smell that attracts curious pets.

A mere 8 ounces can kill a 75-pound dog and as little as half a teaspoon can kill an average-sized cat.

What You Should Do: Use “Low Tox” antifreeze made of propylene glycol instead. While not completely non-toxic, they are less toxic and could mean the difference between life and death if your pet comes across a spill. 

Mushrooms Pose a Natural Toxin

Autumn means mushroom season! While only 1% of them are highly toxic to pets, prevention is always best because that 1% can cause life-threatening problems. (One of the most dangerous is the Amanita phalloides or death cap mushroom, found throughout the United States.) Since the proper identification of mushrooms can be very difficult, prevention is the most effective way to protect your pet.

What You Should Do: Learn which toxic mushrooms grow in your locality and avoid those areas. Also, keep your dog on a leash to protect them.

Contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately if you witness your pet eating a wild mushroom.

Snakes … oh my!

Snakes are busy getting ready for their winter hibernation which means they may be out and about even more with the cooler temperatures.

What You Should Do: Familiarize yourself with the local venomous snakes. Avoid the areas they are typically found; and again, keep your dog on a leash to protect them.

Heat-Seeking Rodents 

Rodents are also hard at work at finding warmer places to call home during the winter months especially indoors. Consequently, this is the season for prevalent use of rat and mouse poisons as people begin to winterize their dwellings. As toxic poisons meant to kill small rodents, if ingested, these same poisons can potentially be fatal for your pets (particularly for smaller dogs and cats).

Another risk of rodenticides is  called relay toxicity.

“In other words, if your dog eats a large number of dead mice poisoned by rodenticides, they can experience secondary effects,” explains Dr. Ahna Brutlag, Assistant Director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Helpline.

Also keep in mind: even if YOU are not using rodent poisons, your neighbor(s) may be using them on their property.

What You Should Do: Only use these fatal toxins in places that are inaccessible to dogs, pets and even children and keep your dogs confined to your property.

Composts are NOT Dog-Friendly

Yes, your compost is environment-friendly and waste-reducing, but it might also be dangerous to your dog(s), pets, wildlife and even children.

As the contents of your compost pile or bin break down, dangerous pathogens (illness- or disease-causing agents) and tremorgenic mycotoxins (poisons from molds which can cause tremors or even seizures) are created and can seriously harm – or even kill – your dog and other pets.

Even small ingested amounts can lead to tremors or seizures within as little as 30 minutes to several hours.

What You Should Do:

  • Never compost dairy, grains, nuts, legumes, breads or meats due to their tendency to become moldy.
  • Use tightly sealed and secured compost containers.

Learn more from our post: Psst … Your Compost may not be Dog-Friendly!


To learn more about autumn dangers for your dog, go to ASPCA.org and Pet Poison Helpline.


The Cold Noses News Summer Report Card!

2014-04-27 13.01.43
It’s been a PAW-some summer here at Cold Noses News in Lake Tahoe; although it does seem it went a bit fast when we weren’t looking!

We hope each and every one of you had an incredible, safe and happy memory-filled summer as you begin to ease back into the routine of school and fall activities.

We rarely talk about ourselves (preferring to speak “dog” instead!), but we’re so grateful for all the progress and growth-spurts we’ve experienced this summer, we wanted to take a moment and share the milestones with you.

Moose, our Senior Great Dane

      Moose, our Senior Great Dane

  • Our “old man” Moose, turned 8 this July and thankfully he’s still going strong! Our little gal, Bella (aka The Princess), will be turning six in October and still rules the roost with an iron paw!
  • Our popularity continues to grow on Twitter … we just passed 6,300 followers (we must have blinked!) and are now halfway to 6,400! We love knowing people like our content enough to take the time to follow us.
  • We created our first K9-exclusive direct mail piece for Pooch Perks (a Miami-based monthly dog treat and toy subscription box service for dogs).Pooch-Logo_Header1
  • We are working with a South Carolina veterinarian with a huge heart, Dr. Julie Buzby, to help spread the word about her wonderful product, ToeGrips, that is literally changing the lives of dogs with mobility and traction issues.ToeGrips
  • We’ve updated the look and branding of our monthly newsletter to feature your business … like the sample below for our client, Red and Howling.The Red and Howling News
  • Among others, we have joined with Pooch Post (an Irish monthly dog treat and toy subscription box service serving Ireland and the UK); True Leaf Pet in Canada (offering hemp-based dog chews for joint, calming and antioxidant support); and Medi-Crunch (The Premium Treat for Medication™ with a 95% success rate) in providing their clients with our K9-exclusive content and newsletter.Pooch Post, True Leaf Pet and Medi-Crunch
  • And finally, we are hard at work on a new product, a digital version of our monthly Cold Noses Newsletter, for the general public. Watch for information on how to subscribe soon.

While we are sad to see summer temperatures, water fun and weekend BBQs slowly slipping away, we ARE looking forward to cooler temperatures, pumpkin pie, and new partnerships with dog businesses, dog-preneurs, dog-lovers and dog-owners as we continue to create and offer the best in K9 news!

Got an idea or suggestion for a K9 topic you’d like us to cover? Email us at Bobbie@ColdNosesNews.com or comment below and let us know!