Protect Your Dog and Pets Before the Fireworks!

fireworks-1461874_1280Most humans love fireworks.

But, for many of our pets, the 4th of July is a frightening time. Exploding bright lights and deafening explosions that torture their ultra-sensitive sense of hearing. In response to this assault of uncommon sights and sounds, many dogs and cats will try to avoid the stress of the fireworks by bolting out the nearest open door, window or even out of their own yard. This is why July 5th is oftentimes the busiest day of the year for animal shelters who find themselves overwhelmed with locating lost pets and reuniting them with their worried families.

Did you know that lost pets actually increase as much as 30% during July 4-6? All due to fireworks pandemonium.

To help dog owners prepare in advance to keep their dogs safe and stress-free during the 4th of July celebration, K9 of Mine recently released a new infographic about fireworks safety for dogs.

With the noisy celebration almost upon us, take some time with your family to learn what steps you can all take together to keep your four-legged, K9 furkids safe, happy and protected IN your home to avoid them becoming part of the lost pet statistic this 4th of July holiday.



  • It IS stressful for our pets … hopefully we can raise awareness and keep more pets home (inside) and safe and out of shelters because they became lost. Thunder Shirts (and other wraps) can also help them as well as calming, natural remedies. It’s also important to remember that many people too are challenged by the loud noises and bright lights .. particularly those with PTSD (fireworks can actually cause involuntary flashbacks and overwhelming stress and anxiety). It took me many, many years to be comfortable with fireworks after living in a war zone overseas for many years. Hopefully, we can cause a shift in awareness and the possibility of using silent fireworks as they are now doing in a town in Italy (

  • This is our least favorite howliday because of how stressful it can be for too many pups. Thanks for sharing the timely tips. ღ

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