Taking Care of our Dogs During Coronavirus

Greetings from Bella and Dublin!

Woofs from Bella and Dublin!

It’s definitely a crazy time and lots of conflicting information coupled with lots of uncertainty!

Like you, we are hunkered down here in Northern Nevada and waiting for the “all clear” signal to go back to living our lives “normally.”

But in the meantime, I’m bonding even closer with the fur-kids (IF that’s even possible!), learning a lot through webinars and taking a serious look at new, creative ways to do business to minimize personal contact. Yes, it often feels frustrating and very uncertain, but times of hardship and “necessity” are invaluable in ramping up new ways of doing things!

I’m sure, like me, you’ve heard more than enough about the coronavirus! I would like to (quickly) address just one area to hopefully dispel some misinformation and stop the unfortunate actions on the part of some pet owners. This is from our upcoming April newsletter.


Can My Pet Get and Pass Along Coronavirus?

Sadly, there are reports of people abandoning their pets because of the unfounded belief that their dogs and cats can get, carry and transmit the coronavirus.

In a nutshell, this is not true and there is NO evidence backing up this claim. So please keep your pet in your home with you where they belong.

CLARIFICATION: There IS a Canine Coronavirus (CCV), but the current outbreak has nothing to do with the CCV virus.

Can My Pet Transmit Coronavirus?

The WHO, CDC, AVMA and AKC all agree there is no imminent threat from our pets for transmitting the Coronavirus. The CDC says the virus is spreading from person-to-person only. The AVMA also assures that petting a dog’s fur is low-risk because the virus survives best on smooth surfaces.


Remember, the coronavirus is transmitted via respiratory droplets from human-to-human. So follow the AKC’s advice to consistently follow basic hygiene in thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water before and after contact with any pet. 


For further information, watch the “COVID-19 Update on Pets” video with Rodney Habib, Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Sarah Caddy of the University of Cambridge.

Ok, ’nuff said!


Play and Engage Your Dog!

The pets of our lives enhance and enrich our lives especially in uncertain times like these!

Instead of stressing out over every news report, spend extra quality time with your beloved pet and enhance your overall Engage Your Dog With Some New Tricks!relationship and bond! Below are some great ideas to keep you and your dog active even as you shelter-in-place.

People-Oriented Dog Play

    1. Hide-and-Seek
    2. Tug-of-War

Object-Oriented Dog Play

    1. Find It
    2. Put it Away
    3. Fetch

Task-Oriented Dog Play

    1. Tricks
    2. Puzzle-Solving
    3. Dig Here

To learn more about other games to play with your resident canine, click on the links below.


As we all move through this uncertain time, stay safe, healthy and positive. Remember, this too shall pass.

Remember, this too shall pass.



  • Great tips! My dog Goose and I have been working on Hide and Seek and are waiting on our outdoor agility kit to arrive in the mail! Can’t wait!!

  • GREAT! I’ll make a note to look for it! I dashed out yesterday for stuff and meds. Happy to be nestled in and safe from more snow coming tomorrow!

  • Such adorable fur-kids! We’re hunkering down and observing lockdown mandates. The dogs don’t seem to mind extra long walks and cuddling times. Learned how to make sanitizers that are pet safe since it seems as if I’m always a day late and a dollar short on getting supplies. You’d think the 30 roll pack of TP would be enough for people but apparently not–they continue to hoard personal care products as well as flour, rice, black beans, bleach, and so many other items that don’t seem to be available. For now we’re hanging in there and hope you and yours are too. Stay strong, be well and keep smiling.

    • The panic is here too, NO TP (or ANY paper product for that matter, NO rice anywhere and beans as well which makes it “interesting” to feed my dogs since I don’t “do” kibble anymore!

      God help us ALL if the zombies actually do come one day, LOL!!

      Would love to have – and share – your pet-friendly sanitizer recipe!

      Stay safe and healthy too my friend and keep laughing! 🙂

      • I’m getting ready to post it next week. Probably on Tuesday if I get my act together. It’s from Dr. Andrew Jones’ YouTube channel. Hope you’re able to get the food items you need soon. I think I need to do a Kamikazee run at dawn to find TP-it’s always gone by late morning. Hugs and tail wags from me and the Ranch hands.

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