Puppy Behaviors: When Should You Call Your Vet?

Goldendoodle Puppy Sitting on the Grass Looking Up at the Camera
Goldendoodle Puppy Sitting on the Grass (Courtesy: ArkansasBearCreekGoldensAndDoodles.com)

Puppy Behaviors

Imagine if you went to a new place with new people without being able to understand a single word or what’s going on! That’s exactly how your puppy feels! There will always be an adjustment period. So be very patient and calm while your puppy is learning to adjust to his new environment, smells, sounds, people and even other pets!

Learn more from our friends at Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles on their latest blog: “Puppy Behaviors: When Should You Consult Your Vet?” Find out which ones are completely normal for your new pup and are not automatically red flags!

For example, should you contact your vet if:

  • Your Puppy isn’t Eating?
  • Your Puppy Hasn’t Gone to the Bathroom?
  • Your Puppy is Crying During the Night?
  • Your Puppy is Breathing too Fast at Night?

Be sure to follow their blog for the next post about the potential red flags requiring a visit to your vet.

Enjoy the blog and please share it with a new puppy parent!


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