Our Recommendations

emoji_u1f44d-svgWe know you want the very best for your family dog! But it’s often difficult to weed through all the marketing hype, those pretty, heart-tugging pictures and tempting click-bait headlines to find the best  (meaning: the safest) products for our canine family members.

So we’re going to share our own personal recommendations for the people, websites and products we love – and use – when it comes to our own Great Danes.

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When it comes to the best natural dog care and training, The Whole Dog Journal is one of the very best and trust-worthy resources for all-things-dog.

truth-about-pet-foodWhat you don’t know about the commercial foods you feed your dog, could hurt or even kill them. Advocate Susan Thixton is 100% supported by pet food consumers, not the pet food companies; information you can trust.

planet-pawsRodney Habib is a leading-edge, multiple award-winning blogger, lecturer and expert when it comes to pet nutrition and inspiring real change in increasing the health, quality of life and longevity of our pets.

medicrunchmedicationtreatsWhen it comes to giving your dog medication, it usually ends up being a struggle-to-the-death. We know that because we have Great Danes who HATE any kind of medicine! Medi-Crunch has made our lives so much easier with their healthy, all-natural product that’s veterinarian-approved with a 95% success rate! This yummy premium treat will easily fit most capsules and tablets inside the soft interior. This treat is so good for your dog, you can use it as a daily training reward or a “just because” treat with absolutely no guilt!

bark5_logo_transExperts say that 80% of dogs (maybe even more) have dental issues by the tender age of 3! But not all dogs (or their owners) enjoy the daily routine of teeth brushing. Using a dental-friendly and effective product can make good oral hygiene easier; but beware, not all dental products are created equal or safe! Bark5 is an alcohol-free (alcohol is toxic to dogs), all-natural product with only human-grade ingredients making it safe to use on dogs of all ages. It has also been rated a Low-Risk Canadian Health Vet Product (#NN.D9Q9) giving dog parents complete peace-of-mind.  A simple, quick and non-toxic way to fight doggy breath, inflamed bums and nasty tartar!

Finally, the only app you’ll need for your pet; whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, bird, rodent or of the creepy-crawly/slithery variety! Keeping track of your pets has never been easier. Anytime you have your phone or tablet with you, you have instant access to: organized contact information (vets, groomers, sitters and playmates); your pet’s health issues or special needs; reminders and appointments for each pet; notes and photos; that can all be shared with just a touch of a button! It’s the must-have app of 2017 if you own one pet or a menagerie or own your own pet business! Currently available for the iPhone (in the Apple App Store) and coming soon to an Android near you.