Our Recommendations

We know, like us, YOU want the very best for your family dog!

But it’s often difficult to weed through all the marketing hype, the pretty, heart-tugging pictures and tempting click-bait headlines to find the best  (AND safest) products for our beloved canine family members.

So we’re going to share our own personal recommendations for the people, websites and products we love — and also use — for our own Great Danes. 

DoggyStat: All-Natural Remedy for K9 DiarrheaIf you’re a dog owner, you’ve DoggyStat Couponhad your fair share of K9 diarrhea and loose stools! And if you have Great Danes (like me), you want a resolution NOW!

Introducing DoggyStat, the new all-natural and RAPID fix for dog diarrhea by Anubis Bio. With NO nasty or negative side effects to worry about. My dogs love it and it works FAST for your peace of mind!

Stock up and be prepared when diarrhea strikes again with a discount from our friends at DoggyStat!

EquiGroomer is for All Pets Now!Grooming tools are so important for the pets of our lives! Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or a horse, the right grooming tool can make all the difference whether it’s a pleasurable grooming experience or a fight to the death with your pet!

My Great Danes have extremely sensitive skin so when it comes to brushing them, it’s important for the experience to feel good as possible. That’s easier said than done until I found EquiGroomer! My dogs beg me to brush them now and won’t let me stop! It easily removes all the dead skin and dander with an easy-to-hold grip. That’s a win-win!

Check out the EquiGroomer website for great grooming tools for pets and even livestock! Tell them Bella and Dublin sent you!

The Whole Dog Journal

When it comes to the best natural dog care and training, The Whole Dog Journal is one of the very best and trust-worthy resources for all-things-dog.

Royal Dog Chew Treats

The Royal Dog Chew, headquartered in Pennsylvania, is one of the treats I give my own Great Danes. Why?

The Royal Dog Chew contains only all-natural ingredients: milk from yaks and cows (who graze in the high-altitudes of the Himalayans – above 15,000 feet – where climate change and harsh, inorganic materials or chemicals have not affected – or been used on – the natural alpine pastures) along with just traces of salt and lime juice.

My dogs LOVE this high-protein/low-fat chew! It satisfies their need to chew and it stands up to the punishment they dole out as aggressive chewers. I love seeing them happy and appreciate the peace of mind in giving them an all-natural and easy-to-digest treat to enjoy.

Also, by purchasing Royal Dog Chews, I’m also helping these farmers keep their way of life and support their families. 

The Truth about Pet Food WebsiteWhat you don’t know about the commercial foods you feed your dog, could hurt or even kill them. Advocate Susan Thixton is 100% supported by pet food consumers, not the pet food companies; information you can trust from the Truth About Pet Food.

Planet Paws by Rodney Habib

Rodney Habib is a leading-edge, multiple award-winning blogger, lecturer and expert when it comes to pet nutrition and inspiring real change in increasing the health, quality of life and longevity of our pets. Planet Paws has got you covered!

When it comes to giving your dog medication, it usually ends up being a Medi-Crunch: Make Giving Medications Easier with Your Dog!struggle-to-the-death. We know that because we have Great Danes who HATE any kind of medicine! Medi-Crunch has made our lives so much easier with their healthy, all-natural product that’s veterinarian-approved with a 95% success rate! This yummy premium treat will easily fit most capsules and tablets inside the soft interior. This treat is so good for your dog, you can use it as a daily training reward or a “just because” treat with absolutely no guilt!